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Hot Applied Thermoplastic Road Marking
Road markings are the silent custodians of road safety in this era of four and six lane highways. Markings signify the delineation of traffic path and the lateral clearance from traffic hazard for the safe, smooth and orderly movement of traffic. These include hot applied retroreflective thermoplastic material, fast drying highly durable 100% acrylic retro-reflective water borne paints and conventional water / solvent based road marking paints.
Hot ThermoPlastic Road Marking
Cold Applied Road Marking
Its unique formula enables the paint to be better adhesive to road surface and glass beads, therefore it is quite wear resistant and weathering resistant. Increased durability. Four times that of the thermoplastic hot melt. It is known to all the plastics durability cold application, due inter alia to the nature of the resins used in their manufacture.
Asphalt paint
Overhead Gantry Sign Board
We also set up and supply an exclusive gamut of Overhead Gantry Sign Boards to several of our clients. These Overhead Gantry Sign Boards have been produced using superb quality material, thus making them durable and long-lasting. With excellent performance, cost-effectiveness, and on-time delivery, we have gained several clients within the respective market.
Overhead Gantry Sign Board
Road Side Gantry Signboard
Overhead Gantry Signboard
Retro Reflective Sign Board
We provides an exclusive range of this Retro Reflective Sign Board at competitive prices, 3 m has a complete line of work zone products for the production of high-quality, durable, temporary traffic control signs, devices, and temporary pavement markings. These retro reflective sing boards are widely used by clients for their reflectivity,
Roads Sign Board
Railway Sign Board
Airport Signages
Airport Sinages
Reflective Sheetings
Retroreflective sheeting is flexible retroreflective material primarily used to increase the nighttime conspicuity of traffic signs, high-visibility clothing, and other items so they are safely and effectively visible in the light of an approaching driver's headlamps.
Reflective Sheetings
Reflective Sheetings
Reflective Sheetings
Reflective Sheetings
Reflective Sheetings
Reflective Sheetings
Reflective Sheetings
Road Stud /Cats Eye/ RPM
Made of Special Strong Flexible UV Protected Poly-Uretahne Material . It Reduces road accident by providing an advance warning. Its excellent reboundability quickly restores its original state without doing any damage to the vehicle as well as spring post.
Aluminium Road-stud
Water Proofing
We provide our clients with a qualitative range of Water Proofing, Road Mapping & Construction Products widely popular among the clients due to distinctive features like efficient performance, speedy operation and robust construction
Water Proofing
Water Proofing
Roadside and roadwork signs are an important traffic control device used to regulate, warn, guide and inform road users — thereby improving the safe and efficient movement of traffic. They can also provide information about routes, directions, destinations and points of interest.
Bump ahead
Level Crossing
Narrow Road
No Parking
Various Road Signages
Pedestrian Graphic Display Signal Lamps
Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic Light is exquisitely made with novelty design and looks quite beautiful. The combination of a Static and dynamic man looks more straightforward and easy to understand. The display part uses super bright Dynamic Pedestrian Traffic Light with stable performance and even-distributed light. Therefore, the displaying effect is pretty good.
Pedestrian Display Lamps
Pedestrian Graphic Display Lamps
Pedestrian Graphic Display Lamps
Solar Road Stud/ Solar Cats Eye
These innovative LED Blinkers are perfect to help light Hazardous Roadways, Crosswalks, Freeway Off Ramps, Private Roads, or Helicopter Landing Pads. The LED solar powered road stud is drive over rated with a lifespan of 11 years or 100,000 hours. The LED Solar Road stud is easy to install.
Solar Road Studs
Solar Road Studs
Crash Barrier
Crash barriers, or Armco (barriers)—as an AK Steel (formerly Armco) genericized trademark—keep vehicles within their roadway and prevent vehicles from colliding with dangerous obstacles such as boulders, buildings, walls or large storm drains. Traffic barriers are also installed at the road side to prevent errant vehicles from traversing steep (non-recoverable) slopes or entering deep water. Traffic barriers are installed within medians of divided highways to prevent errant vehicles from entering the opposing carriageway of traffic and help to reduce head-on collisions.
Crash Barrier
W Beam Metal Crash Barrier
The Delineators are suitable for all kinds of roads. Their reflectors give best reflective performance to show the road geometry during day and night making it convenient for drivers and keep them away from road hazards. These results in avoidance of accidents. The Delineators are available in different fittings for different purposes.

Spring Posts or Reboundable Delineators are made up of Flexible PU which are used for centre lane division, dangerous U-Turn, Dangeropus medians, Construction Zones, No-Entry Zones, Multi Lanes, Centre Verge, Sharp Curves, Parking Lots, Highways and T-Zones.

Round Pipe Delineators With Acrylic Reflectors
Round Pipe and Square Pipe Delineators
Solar Flasher Pole Mounting With Protective Cover